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ThE Cold Case

'The Cold Case' is an Animated Short in the style of Film Noir directed by Kristian Southerton and produced by Charly Hewins. The story focuses on the main character, Detective Hodiak, as he tries to solve several cases of refrigerator related homicides. The animated short is a 2D animation created using Adobe After Effects with some 3D elements created using AutoDesk Maya. My role within this project was painting the backgrounds and creating various piece of concept art ranging from environments to character designs. You can view the teaser trailer for the animated short here.

My Work


These are some of the backgrounds that I created which were used in the final film and I created them using Adobe Photoshop. These backgrounds are the final ones however some of the objects which were primarily made in 3D such as the fridges are absent due to them being composited in post-production.

Concept Art: