BBC Radio 4 Listening Project- 'A Legacy in Lego'

This was a project run by BBC Radio 4 and we were tasked to create an animated short based on a one of the many conversations provided to us by the BBC.   


For the listening project me and my fellow crew members decided to pick the audio called “Laurie and Roland: A Legacy in Lego” which featured a dad and his son talking about their passion for Lego. When creating the animation we were inspired by art deco style and minimalist illustrations but also by animated advertisements such as Film Brazil.

On this project my main role was the Director however I also worked as the main concept artist/designer creating the concepts for the boy, the dinosaur and many other aspects of the project. I also helped with the 2D animation doing the key frames, inbetweens and clean up for certain shots such as the dinosaur scene using TV Paint.

You can view the animated short via this link here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04rrj4c